The idea for LOFT was crystal clear from the beginning: to create such a concept in Novi Sad which will include: an amazing product, carefully tailored offer, great location, pleasant and innovative interior, young people who can communicate all our values – and wrap it all in the most natural way to create a recognizable experience for our guests, who is the center of our attention. Those values go beyond borders of our cities and our country, so we are overjoyed that we receive confirmation for that daily from our guests. We also took upon ourselves the role of an educator, sharing the knowledge with our curious guests about our coffee, craft beer, and wine or about some of the food they still didn’t have a chance to try out yet. There is a young team supporting this whole idea and they are using their knowledge, energy and effort to welcome hundreds of guests every day on both locations.

Favorite place in the city

Our guests can’t stop talking about our interior design. Whether they are seated indoor or outdoor, they have their favourite detail: our bar covered in ceramics, our main entrance, kitchen in the upper gallery, lightning, favourite chair. We invite you to find your own favourite corner.

Why is LOFT coffee so special?

Many factors are important for a perfect cup of coffee and we made it our main goal to achieve them all: top quality Arabica beans from specific regions, grounded on the spot, with all its characteristics preserved, expressive, aromatic and healthier than commercial beans, served with or without milk. Choose your favourite bean and preparation and enjoy.


LOFT palačinke

Try out one of our sweet combinations made with buckweath crepes. Lighter ones with fruits or creamy ones with Nutela or Raffaello, it's up to you.

Burger by LOFT

Classic beef burger, with BBQ sauce, pickels and caramelized onions is divine. Our top recommenadation.


Our own label, proudly made by our team together with local craft brewery, this Pale Ale will be a perfect introduction for everyone willing to step into the world of craft. You can try it out on tap or bottled.


  • “ Such a pleasant staff, fantastic service, all the praises for the job well done! ”

  • “ There is not enough time to write down all my impressions. My first reaction was thinking that I will be a regular guest here. I really became one. I really love the design, team with honest smile and relaxing music. ”

  • “ After my friend invited me here, saying that I will feel ‘like you’re home”. Nice atmosphere, positive people, perfect for the end of your work day. ”

  • “ Amazing coffee and banana shake! Nice and cozy, kind people working there. You will see more of us often! ”

  • “ Usually I don’t have that much time, since I always take my coffee to go. Today I finally sat down and I rate it 5/5, please don’t change. ”