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The idea behind the LOFT brand was clear from the beginning and it was to set up that kind of concept in Novi Sad which will include excellent product, carefully selected menu, amazing location, pleasant and innovative interior, and young people that can communicate all our values and to have all that wrapped up in a most organic way so that a guest can have a recognizable experience, which is the main focus of our attention. Our values go way beyond our city and our country and we are happy to have our guests confirm that daily. We also took upon ourselves the entertaining role of educators, introducing our curious audience about particular coffees, craft beer, wines or food that they didn't have a chance to try before. Behind this whole idea stands a young team who with knowledge, energy and effort welcome hundreds of our guests every day.

A favorite place in the city

When it comes to interior design, there is no end to our guests' positive feedback. Whether they are seated indoor or outdoor, they get endless opportunities to spot new and interesting details: our tile patterns on the bar, our double door entrance hall, kitchen on a gallery, lighting, a favorite chair. We invite you to also find your favorite nook.

  • Loft Downtown


    Njegoševa 2

    21000 Novi Sad
    Tel: +381 60 070 11 71
    E-mail: rezervacije@loftcafe.rs

    Monday - Thursday: 08 AM-11 PM
    Friday - Saturday: 08 AM-01 AM
    Sunday: 08 AM-11 PM

  • Loft Rooftop


    Shopping mall Promenada

    21000 Novi Sad
    Tel: +381 66 50 70 231
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    Monday - Thursday: 08 AM-11 PM
    Friday - Saturday: 08 AM-01 AM
    Sunday: 08 AM-11 PM

  • Loft Campus


    Stražilovska 37

    21000 Novi Sad
    Tel: 064 491 00 34
    E-mail: rezervacije@loftcafe.rs

    Radnim danima: 08-19h
    Subotom: 08-17h
    Nedelja: zatvoreno

  • Loft Factory


    Futoški put 93B

    21000 Novi Sad
    Tel: 061 308 31 84
    E-mail: rezervacije@loftcafe.rs

    Monday - Thursday: 08 AM-11 PM
    Friday - Saturday: 08 AM-01 AM
    Sunday: 08 AM-11 PM

  • Loft Roastery


    Futoški put 93B

    21000 Novi Sad

  • Loft River


    Štrand, leva strana, ulaz br. 4 (pored Danubiusa)

    21000 Novi Sad
    Tel: 064 491 00 34

    Monday - Thursday: 09 AM-12 PM
    Friday - Saturday: 09 AM-01 AM
    Sunday: 09 AM-12 PM

Meet real coffee

Meet real coffee

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Where the coffee experience begins

The BeanWhere the coffee experience begins

At any time you can choose any of five beans that you prefer the most. What you choose depends on your preference of intensity, creaminess, aromatic profile that has more citrusy or milk aromas. You also choose the style of preparation: espresso or filter, with or without milk, with toppings, and also if you prefer decaffeinated coffee. Here is a short description of available coffees:

  • Loft Premium Blend
    Loft Premium Blend

    Loft Premium Blendblend of three Arabicas

    (Ethiopia, Colombia, Brasil)
    Medium roast. Accentuated fruity aroma and mild citrus note. Medium body, balanced taste. Perfect for arabica espresso fans.

  • Brasil / India
    Brasil / India

    Brasil / Indiablend of two Arabicas

    Monsooned Malabar – Monsoon winds give these beans a smokey note of tobacco, dark chocolate and nuts. Full-bodied, notable bitterness, strong aftertaste when consumed as espresso.

  • Ethiopia-Guji


    Single Origin Organic Arabica from the Guji region. Particular aromas that can be detected are the ones of fine chocolate, strong nuts, and orange flowers.

  • Ethiopia-Sidamo


    Cultivated at the altitude of 1600-1900m above the sea level which directly impacts the quality of the bean. Floral and with ideally balanced citruses and with the accentuated body.

  • Ethiopia-Mocca-Abysinian


    The history of the coffee starts in the ancient Abyssinia. Handpicked and naturally dried, it will remind you of the finest dark chocolate, with a strong body and balanced fullness of flavor, with sweet notes.

  • Special of the day
    Special of the day

    Special of the dayFrom the coffee world

    For all our regulars and all the other guests that are willing to explore the world of coffee, we prepare every day a different choice from particular countries famous for their coffee production: Peru, Colombia, Kenia, Nicaragua, Malawi, and many others.

Brew Bar

When it comes to alternative methods of preparation our baristas can prepare for you Chemex, V60, Syphon, Aeropress and Cold brew. What connects all these methods is the filter that will make coffee with a lighter body compared with the body of espresso. We use Single Origin beans that are lightly roasted and with that we allow the coffee to express more of its characteristics.

For all those who are willing to try coffee in a different edition.

Coffee culture

Coffee cultureCoffee as a social event

Every nation has its own coffee drinking culture and with that in mind, it sometimes stops being a beverage and it becomes a social event. That must be the reason why it is so difficult to change established habits. Luckily, coffee culture is changing faster than we think. Chemically altered instant coffees are losing their popularity and creamy cappuccinos and citrusy espressos are gathering more and more fans. More and more often we hear words such as Arabica, single origin, blends, coffee from Brasil, Costarica or Ethiopia, organic coffee, fair trade, and many others. Also, the occupation of barista gets more attention as a professional that prepared these fantastic beverages. Coffee beans in LOFT are grounded at the moment of the order and every guest knows what is the exact origin of the coffee he or she is consuming. Special appreciation goes to specialty coffees because of the selection and grading process to obtain Arabica beans of the highest quality. Arabica is in the spotlight due to its natural low caffeine level and richness in essential oils which are the carriers of most of the aromas we can detect in a cup of coffee.

Coffee dictionary

Coffee dictionaryFrom the other side of the bar

Arabika is considered a superior type of coffee, compared to robusta. It grows on higher altitudes and it's more demanding for cultivation. It has higher sugar content and low caffeine content. It's very aromatic and expressive, with its final characteristics directly related to the intensity of roasting.

Specialty coffee can only be made from coffee beans of the highest quality, carefully roasted to achieve its full potential, and then prepared by precise standards. The beans cannot have defects and have to be scored with 80 or higher on a scale of 100 points.

Blends are made by combining two or more different coffees to get a final product that has special characteristics: stronger body, more aromatic or of specific aftertaste.

Single origin coffees are the ones cultivated in a smaller, specific region (macro-lot). Sometimes, they are produced on a single farm (so called micro-lot) or selected as the special beans from a certain country, by which they are usually named.